With the latest government restrictions on movement and having been told to stay at home we are actively seeking ways to support our small student photographic community and retain some semblance of sanity.


During this lock-down period and adhering to guidelines we have had to put a temporary restriction on both our one to one and group courses for obvious reasons.


To all those who have booked sessions with Mark or Ken, we will be contacting you directly over the next few days to discuss contingencies regarding your booking to ensure that we all remain as safe as we can whilst also honouring our commitment to delivering the best service to you, our clients. For all of you holding gift vouchers for DPS lessons, we will be waiving the deadline limitations printed on the vouchers to give you all a fair chance to defer any booked dates.


We are about to announce our ‘Photography for Children’ project, to encourage children under lock-down to use this time to explore a new hobby.


We will be offering one-to-one Skype sessions, which can be booked, or gifted, in the form of a ‘virtual gift voucher’ in the same way as our normal lessons.


We are also offering more bespoke mentoring sessions with either Ken or Mark that you can utilise to further your education whilst you are in lock-down. If you email us what you would like to learn in a unique lesson, we will assign you to the relevant tutor and let you know how we can help.

We hope all of our students past, present and future stay healthy and remain compliant to these restrictions for the good of us all, and we look forward to getting some decent camera-time with you all in the very near future.


Stay safe and positive,


Mark & Ken



In the meantime, have a scan through some highlights of Devon Photography School's 2019 group events, and look forward to a time when we can add some more images to them.

An incredible day as guests of the Landmark Trust, and guided by the lovely Sian, we were blessed by the gods of weather when an ugly squall swept the jetty just before we landed but was long gone by the time we stepped off the MS Oldenburg.

From that point on, the sun shone down on us for the entire stay, and we roamed the glorious paths and meadows of this wonderful island with our wet weather gear stowed.

And yes, there were puffins...

Along with Soay Sheep, Feral Goats, Highland Cattle, Gloucester Old Spot Pigs, Grey Seals, and even Dolphins and a Peregrine Falcon in Bideford Bay during our transit.



Wiscombe Park is a wonderful introduction to motor sport photography right here in the heart of Devon.
Situated close to Honiton, Wiscombe Park has been staging a full and regular hill climb programme since 1958.
For the photographer looking to practice motor sport photography 'up close and personal' it is a target rich environment... Compact, open, and set within beautiful grounds, with full access to the parc ferme, the course winds through wide parkland up into a steep forest section.
Once again, the sky stayed clear all day as the Vintage Sports-Car club thundered and smoked their way up the hill to the delight of the crowd.



A grey day was particularly fitting for our trek to Wistman's Wood near Two Bridges. One of only three high altitude oakwoods on Dartmoor, this tangled collection of stunted, Pedunculate Oaks, and Rowans, all festooned with moss and lichens, that lends itself to misty weather, and moody photography.
Walking from the Two Bridges Hotel, the wood is visible from quite a distance and looks quite benign until you actually get inside and it wraps around you like a scene from a fairy tale.
Once under the canopy, it's hard not to see a view worth capturing.

Some terrific days out in Devon, with some great students.

Many, if not all, of these group days have made our list to repeat in 2020, but what do you think...?

Is there anywhere you believe would provide the ideal location for a Devon Photography School Photo-Walk...?

Do you wish you'd joined us on one of the ones listed above, or were you one of the lucky photographers that attended a 2019 outing and would love to do it again...?

Use the contact bar below to let us know.


We had a brilliantly incisive testimonial via the dad of a youngster that had just completed two lessons with us. Apparently, on the way home, the young lad had proclaimed that he had enjoyed his time with Ken immensely, and for three reasons.
1. That Ken was funny (news to us all).
2. That Ken was a great photographer        (This also raised a few eyebrows).
3. That Ken had the same name as his        favourite character in Street Fighter...
This is a review to put on the wall, so thanks Toby.


The details are all a bit gory, and the physios are struggling to get him to behave himself, but safe to say he's on the mend and should be back on form soon.




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