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Getting to grips with just what makes a photograph. Grasp the basics of Focussing, Exposure, and Composition. Understand the terminology of digital photography. Learn how to make your camera record just what you see...

Tuition from one hour lessons to full day sessions.



We all have them...

Whether we just use them to 'selfy' before a big night out. Or to record our lunch for posterity, it's easy to overlook some of the incredible features locked away in these little pocket marvels.

With a bit of instruction you can truly exploit the camera that goes everywhere with you.

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Own an SLR camera, but confused by the myriad of options it presents to you?

Consider SLR for Beginners lessons. Let us take you through the controls and settings, one by one, to help you make the most from this most versatile of camera platforms.



Your images can't live on your camera forever. At some point you will have to transfer them to another storage device to keep them safe. To edit and process them. To label and categorise them, so they are easy to access and group together.

Some assistance and advice on the best practices for the transfer, cataloguing, back-up, and storage of your image files is vital to ensure the safety and accessibility of your photographs in the future.



Now your images are safe and stored correctly, what do you do next?

In the world of digital photography, the creative process doesn't just end with the shot. An understanding of the tools, and processes of digital image editing opens a whole new universe of adjustments, enhancements, repairs, and effects that you can add to your photographs.

We can offer you guidance in making a start to edit your picture in the most popular image manipulation software packages.

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If you're already experienced in the use of your camera, and comfortable with the idea of post-processing your images, but just feel that there are one or two areas of the whole process you could do with some extra counselling on. We can help you with specific mentoring sessions, based on your current understanding and aimed specifically at those areas, to help you put your mind at ease


Don't see quite what you need above?

Remember, with Devon Photography School all tuition is bespoke for the individual. Let us know just what you're looking for, and we will furnish you with tuition created solely for your requirements.

Use the contact bar below to tell us just what you need.

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